Muslim invaders posing as refugees are expected to cost Sweden $18.2 billion this year, nearly 10 times over budget. And that’s just the cost for 318,000 Syrian Muslims who arrived in the last two years. There already are two million mostly welfare-dependent Muslim migrants in Sweden out of a population of just 10 million! National […]

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When  the  free World believes in Liberty Justice and Freedom real facts are

3 Generations  after Hitler and the Muslimbrotherhood a Naziorganisation covered in legal Institutions like Education Sport  population control, Food, medical,Media and Pharma industries  are on highest level world-wide operating in a system to destroy and control us.

The Wars against Iraq, Afghanistan ,Sudan, Syria ,Libia, Palestine and the criminal drug Lords like Bush and Co.Many  involvet are  Muslims  who win enormous money by criminal cooperation in  wars against Muslims.

The 9.11 lei and the mini Nukes.

The reason for intervention to destroy  Countries for Drugs and oil like  Iraq,  Syria, Libia, Sudan ,Afghanistan, Ukraine and so on.

So we are indeed in great problems if the Kratos is the criminal Force Willing to kill millions of People.

Of corse the Club of Rom information s the  Overpopulation lay us a legal Act against civilians by a ww3 catastrophe or  killing civillians  local wars and refugee crisis economy crisis, food,water, medical pharma and euthanasia.

The true  Obama Care is  the personal information s   collect in to a little chip or megacomputers.

The great lay  9.11 in the USA  mini Nukes and the oil and drug wars.

An intervention for Drugs and oil in Syria Libia Afghanistan  lead Europa to a near catastrophe.

Mexican and Latin American drug Lords are in cooperation with Bush and co Alliance Druglords Mafia, pedophilia Rings ,Organ Traffic,Prostitution. Isis inside Kosovo, Ukraine, Israel ,Germany ,Turkey, Arabia ,Palestina.The Drugs and oil.

The criminal Kratos and the willing follower silence killers.

Little children and young women victims of prostitution and any perverse spiritual madness exist.

Europa and Usa are well willing criminals in a long to play game on prison planet Earth.

The personal Information  in a central Mega Computer like 666 in the USA and the Beast in Belgium will be the prison and death to Elder and Youth on Earth.

How Platon  vision Kratos that belong to Man and Women in a high Organisation   have become a prison Planet

One world trade, selling spiritual perverse existent us a normal and legal  day life.

How can we escape this Tyrannis that in fact are covered Persons  inside Institutions working invisible for  prison Planet against any liberty justice and at least to kill us by many ways in a legal system.. medical,pharma,water and food industries,economy collapse and wars.

A dark time when  high Education at least lead us to  ignorance,egomaniacs,spiritual darkness.

USA  President Trump the 30.000 Jihadis to come or inside USA to fight against the White House.

How  to stop the New World Order?

A networking media controll and terrorist  cooperation  Jihadis  to destroy the freedom.

Satanist and Pedophiles covered in site the Kratos highest Positions.

Kindergartens and Education Institutions.

Drug lords and pedophilia in highest political positions.

Kratos and his Forces at least  the Enemies.

The economy crisis the war against  Europa  -Brexit -The Populist Agenda.

Europa  the economic problems like in  Greece a total destruction of the Greek Nation and History.While Italy  and Germany Bank’s are the real problem.

Populist Leftist and Terrorist, Islamophobia,Russophobia and the genocide  on Christians.

Abortion and big money. Medicals a kind of silence killers in a legal system on Glob.The spiritual madness and education.

Thessaloniki feiert den 104. Jahrestag seiner Befreiung — Kurmenistan News

Im ersten Balkankrieg im Jahr 1912 war Griechenland mit Bulgarien und Serbien verbündet. Sie brachten das schwankende Osmanische Reiches in der Region Mazedonien an den Rand einer Niederlage. Die griechische Armee marschierte von Sieg zu Sieg in Westmakedonien. Doch es gab schwere Streitigkeiten zwischen dem Heerführer und Thronfolger Konstantin und Premierminister Eleftherios Venizelos. Konstantin wollte […]

über Thessaloniki feiert den 104. Jahrestag seiner Befreiung — Kurmenistan News